martedì 20 dicembre 2011

Match Ballerinas: art for sale

"Match Ballerina and her burnt head", 2011.

           "Match ballerina lighting her foot on the matchbox".

Detail: The Match Ballerina's burnt leg.


             Match Ballerinas "Cuesta Rey", junior team. "Match Circus Cuesta Rey", Panama.

                                           "Match Ballerinas Cuesta Rey", senior performers.

Detail: "The Pyramid of Fire" show.

Svetlana Stickalova, Prima Ballerina at "Match Circus Gambashoff" in Moscow.

Detail: Svetlana's burnt leg.

Emelita Jones,  "Hilton Match Circus", NY (1945).

Detail: Emelita Jones and her Hilton match box.

Anonimous Match Ballerina from the 20ies, London, private collection.

martedì 20 settembre 2011

Chopstick Twin Sisters

Jiin and Duc Chopstick: the only chopstick match ballerinas in the history of match circus.

The chopstick sisters dance standing on the edge of  noodle bowls in the Chinese restaurants. Before their legs are completely burnt, they immerse them into the brooth, and light them off.

A performance exhecuted with a perfect syncronism is rewarded with the applause of the restaurant's customers. Duc and Jiin master the Match Circus art.

Some details of their outfit.

The burnt legs of Duc and Jiin are in show at the National Museum of History in Pechino, nearby the "Tealeaf Sisters Match Circus" tea pot.

Maracole 2011, all rights reserved.

venerdì 19 agosto 2011

As magic as reality

"The Amazing Match Ballerinas' Circus" refers to the "Cirque Calder" by Alexander Calder, on view at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, which became popolar with the Parisian avantguard in 1927.

Alexander Calder's believed that art is fun (so do I).  He created a world made up of wire, strings and paper, and enjoied playing with it with the pure enchantment of a child. That's because he happened to believe in magic, just like children do.

Some pics of the Cirque Calder.

Calder had the ability to see a parallel world, hidden behind the veil of mundane reality, and to reveal it to the ones who were not able to see it.  This kind of art it's a status of mind. It is the ability to catch glimpses of the magic which our world is soaked with, and to turn it more real than reality itself. It is a gift to the human being, which all of us should be grateful for.

Next, a short video of the exhibitions of the Cirque Calder, as shown at the Withney Museum in New York.

sabato 13 agosto 2011

The Amazing Maracole's Match Ballerinas Circus

"The Amazing Maracole's Match Ballerinas Circus" is a mixed media artwork, which has been exhibited at The Hive, Los Angeles downtwon, on June 2011.

Some details of the artwork:

To be continued...

venerdì 12 agosto 2011

The challenge in the performance of a match ballerina.

Match ballerinas' performances may be very risky. During the reharsal various kind of accidents may occur at any time: ballerinas can burn by mistake, or they can even break while striking on the match box.

Most of them, after a long and constant training, do not get the chance to perform their show. This is very sad.

The tiniest match ballerinas in the world

Match ballerinas are extremely rare and fragile creatures. Born as matches, it is a mistery how it happens at a point that they become ballerinas. I believe it happens by magic (expression has a lot to do with magic.)

The tiniest match ballerinas in the world are 2 inches tall. As they are cheap matches, they burn quickly.

They come into a blister of 5. Each ballerina loves to wear a different tutu. They really care about the way they look like, even the cheapest ones.